Ad Updates For June 17th, 2016

Hello Vandura Enthusiasts,

Today (June 17th, 2016), we have listed 10 new GMC Vandura ads to our site.  These listings span 8 different states and 6 model years.


Update Summary:

Number of Ads: 10
Model Years: 1990, 1991, 1995, 1989, 1987, 1974

See the top 3 listings from the update below.  You can also see the recent ads by using the navigation to the right and selecting United States.


1987 2500 GMC Vandura in Bristol, PA

1987 Bristol PA


Selling my 87 gmc vandura. I got it off the last owner as a deal if i fix it i can have it. I did just that. Just put a new 700r4 trans in with new seals front and back.

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1990 Customized GMC Vandura in Kingstree, SC

1990 Kingstree SC


This is a 1990 Customized GMC Chassis. Only 139,000 miles on it, these things can go upwards of 300,000. Features: -2 solid state marine batteries run in parallel……..

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1991 TBI 350 Auto GMC Vandura in Nanaimo, BC

1991 Nanaimo BC


Ol gmc vandura. I have a few of them and need to thin my herd. I just replaced a bearing in the rear end and now my heater core is leaking.

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