Outlined below is a brief history of the G-Series Vans with a focus on the GMC Vandura.  Check out our Van Types and Features / Specs pages for more detailed information.

handi-vanThe GMC Vandura (G-Series Vans) were produced over three model generations from 1964 to 1996. The third generation was the longest running and most associated with the Vandura name.

The first and second generation G- Series Vans were knows as the GMC Handi-Van or Handi-Bus. The first generation more closely resembled the classic Econoline and Dodge A100 and looks, with the second looking like the vintage VW Bus models.

Vandura Badge1971 marked the first year when GMC began marketing the G-Series Vans under the “Vandura” name. It also marked a major restyling of the GMC Vandura body including an engine forward design similar to the Ford Econoline. These models also become very popular with van conversion companies for making commercial vehicles, campers and more. (See our Van Types page for more information)

Vandura HistoryOnly minor modifications were made to the GMC Vandura over the years. Primary improvements were made in accordance to evolving safety standards, fuel economy and to improve economies of scale. While minor cosmetic changes have been made over the years to keep up with modern styles, the GMC Vandura retrained much of the same look since the 1970’s redesign. The Vandura and Chevy Vans were discontinued in 1996 and replaced with the Savana and Express.


A-Team GMC Vandura

A-Team VanduraThe GMC Vandura is also well known as the base model for the iconic A-Team van. A 1983 GMC Vandura Cargo van was used in the popular 1983-1987 A-Team TV show. The A-Team GMC Vandura is well known for its two-tone black/metallic gray color, red racing stripe from the hood line to rear spoiler, front grill and roof-line auxiliary lights.  (Pictured to the right)


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    • GMC’s version of the “Nomad” (which was the Chevrolet version) was actually called the “Gaucho”. it was basically a passenger van/cargo van hybrid. with flip out side windows on both the driver and passenger sides and a bench seat similar to the Rally STX, while the rear area was covered with wood paneling on the walls and doors and were available with either flip out or solid windows on the rear doors. It had special ‘Gaucho” emblems on the fenders and the right rear door. Began in the 1977 model year and was discontinued after the 1981 model year

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